intercultural self-learning network


Visions for non-formal education in Africa

The goal is to develop and to promote skills and natural talents in young people to trigger a process of autonomous individual development in an encouraging society.

The medium-term goal is to create a situation in which the individuals will reach an educational level which secures their livelihood through own economic activities - at least in the informal sector.

Therefore, talented unemployed young people learn to promote self-motivated learning and networking activities in other children and youth and to encourage them to continue these activities on their own. They also produce and sell self-learning-materials (educational toys etc.) so that the activities function sufficiently and without outside help.

The aim is to encourage independence and responsibility as soon as possible. Learning and working methods from the dynamic informal sector and a culture of private initiative to promote individual talents are integrated. Local public relations campaigns promote the popularity of the programme.

This method is already in operation in several regions like Ivory Coast and is a proven means of promoting the potentials of young people to become economic independent adults, thus helping to give them a perspective for the future. In the long run, this sustainable development  might help Africa to solve its own problems.

Summary: We are convinced that the ISLE-Network is outstandingly useful for promoting the potential capacities of life-long self-development activities.