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Cyber-EDEJU is a new idea to spread the EDEJU-project worldwide by using the means of internet and WEB 2.0. Here you will find a mind map that guides you to the different options and further information’s.  more...


EDEJU in India?

My impression after my one-month visit to India -  February 25 to  March 24, 2007:
I found great potentials in children, which are not developed because of a strong belie
f in systems of non-holistic and non-individualized education like in most places of this world. Hence, we need to elaborate in more detail on chilren's education.. more...

How to run your own EDEJU-Project?

Here are some pictures of the EDEJU-Project of SORO DETI George, Ivory Coast. Hi is earning his livelihood with it, like many others in the Ivory Coast.

These pictures should encourage other young interested peoples, to start there own EDEJU-project with nearly "nothing".

Therefore here are some links to get more information about the importance of god educational toys, and some online-catalogues of them. You will further find very god arguments about the importance of children’s play, if you "ask" google.

Remember: Most of the big toy-factories started like SORO DETI George with nearly nothing. We would be grateful, to publish you’re project very soon here on this site.

Let us therefore develop together a step by step project for you, as I did successfully many times before. Interested? Therefore switch just over to the following sites and send me an e-mail if you want to start your activities.

Happy links to the world of children’s play:


< This wooden toy producer, gives you lot of good information’s



< One of the next steps toward the futur ingenieer


 < This site leads you to the world of children’s play



 < Just play with puzzles online, and get new product ideas




 < Download: Puzzle map of Africa (1 MB)


< The world biggest toy-fair




  < Here you get a lot of information's about the British toy-market




 < Take also a look to the following sites




And - if you knew other interesting links, please let me knew, so I’ll put it here to.

For example this one: