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Africa-Conference of the Federal President Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler "PARTNERSHIP-WITH-AFRICA" in Ghana / Accra,
12 to 14. 2007.

You will find all participants on the website above.

Two Generations - One Future. The Accra Declaration

His speaches (in German):
- Tagesspiegel 3.12.2006
- at the reception 11.01.2007
- at the opening-ceremony 13.01.2007

Newspapers: (in English):

- German-Africa Partnership conference underway 13.01-2007
- German president urges fairer EU trade with Africa 13.01-2007

His speach about education (in German):

in the Kepler-Oberschule in Berlin-Neuköln  21.09.2006

EDEJU's proposal
is to focus the view on the early childhood and the lifelong process of private self-education within competence-networks (natural learning).

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