Education is not pushing information, ideas and explecations in to another, but it is allowing and encouraging that person to discover the world around them and to find their own place in it, free from the desires of society at the time.
Education is the "leading out" from a person and not the forcing in.
To force in is indoctrination which can never develop into free thought.

Lingard John, Denzlingen, 21.7.2019

intercultural self-learning network

Visions for non-formal education in Africa

The goal is to develop and to promote skills and natural talents in young people to trigger a process of autonomous individual development in an encouraging society.  more...

children exhibit know-how in making toys

The toys made by children and for children, if well developed, can help in the fight against poverty

Toys are indispensable in the life of any child. Besides serving as play things, they help in developing the psyche of children and help acquaint them with certain realities of  life.  Cameroon Tribune, friday june 10. 2002 more...

Powerpoint presentation

These presentation was held at the Conference

Knowledge and Science in Africa

of the “African Studies Association in Germany (VAD)”
Frankfurt am Main, July 24 - 27, 2006

Under the auspices of Federal President Prof. Dr. Horst Köhler

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Who is wolfgang helmeth

Born 1943 in Bonn/Germany. more...