EDEJU in India?


My impression after my visit to India -  February 25 to  March 24, 2007:

I found great potentials in children, which are not developed because of a strong belief in systems of non-holistic and non-individualized education like in most places of this world. Hence, we need to elaborate in more detail on chilren's education.

How can we develop a child's individual potentials to become an "original" instead of a "mass-product"?

Nature has provided humans with an 'engine' with great energy and multiple functions such as curiosity, proactivity, enterpreneurship etc. Therefore, we propose to encourage this engine instead of blocking it, by offering hands-on possibilities to attain  professional know-how step by step.

Hereby, the entire society is asked to participate in order to ensure  its own future.

Therefore, I discussed with many people in divergent locations - on the road, in restaurants, in trains and busses, in temples and mosques, in offices of Newspapers, radio- and TV-stations, Universities, NGO's etc.

Letís start with  Bal Prakash in Ajmer, an organisation, which made me very hopeful.


Discussion with the founder of Bal Prakash, Mrs. Kuslem Paliwal