nikita JAISWAL

  Nikita Jaiswal, national EDEJU-Coordinator and student at the
  Max Muller Bhawan in New Delhi, wants  to help us, to establish

Kuslem Paliwal

  Kuslem Paliwal, founder of Bal Prakesh, Badgaon Ajmer, gave me
  the opportunity, to realize the first step towards EDEJU-in-India
  with the very nice and motivated children.
Hope, that we can
  continue the collaboration soon.


Satish Sundra

   Satish Sundra, India's oldest Toy Store (CP-New Delhi) is one of the
   most experienced experts of the value of child’s play. We want to
   inform the society and help them to give children more
   opportunities to develop there individual skills and talents.
   Did he write this article?
Learning through playing

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Pallavee Dhaundiyal Panthry

Pallavee Dhaundiyal Panthry, Senior Correspondent, EDUCATION TIMES, might be interested to publish the ideas, the philosophy and the realisation about the EDEJU-Initiatives in India.

Dr. Anita Jha

Dr. Anita Jha, Sunrise Health Centre, might give us important advices for health care in the up growing EDEJU-Network of India.

Ghandi peace foundation

   NAI TALIM - one of Mahatma Ghandi’s initiatives seams to have a
   similar philosophy of education
like EDEJU. We might get more
   information at the Ghandi Peace Foundation.


Prof. (dr.) Ehsanul haq (JNU)

  Prof. (Dr.) Ehsanul Haq proposed to work on an scientific base of the
  EDEJU-concept, together with the university of Freiburg,


Shika Gupta

Shika Gupta, Assistant Editor, MDB-Group, might be interested to realize literature and CD's for lifelong self learners - starting from the earls childhood.


The Toy Association of India The Toy Association of India an apex body represented by 600 Toy industry members from all over India

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